Friday, July 29, 2011

I got the hell outta dodge

being on the run sucks, have i ever mentioned how very very much it sucks? yeah it sucks. but after that post tuesday i decided my best bet was to just run as far away from the place i first woke up in as possible because who knows who or what could be skulking around the area considering what i woke up to. so thats where ive been and thats what ill be doing for a while, is running. its all i can do, all im good at anymore. ill try to have a new post and maybe some scans up in the next week or so about those files....peace out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

project bluechild?

so, i feel like i should try and explain myself a little more now that im significantly calmed down from the weekend...that video is what i recorded when i woke up in some random abandoned building last friday without a clue as to where id been the past month...i dont remember anything between june 28th and pretty much now, but if the video that played on my laptop in that room is any indication, i was busy.

im working on getting those files shown in the video scanned. there's a lot about a subject in captivity and im not sure if they mean me or if they mean someone else. M remembers his time with the suits, so why dont i? there's definitely a lot of reference to M in there, too. maybe this is all someone playing with my head to psych me out, i dunno. some of the files are drawings presumably done by someone deep in trouble with slenderman but...i think it might have been me. i really need to find out what happened to me in that missing month or so.

also, as you can see, slenderman is in that video and much more...violent with me than he's ever really been. i dont know how to feel about that but its pretty fucked and it scares me a little bit ad it was hell getting out of there. i grabbed my laptop and those files and got the hell out as fast as possible.

yeah. when i have more time ill put those files up. right now im gonna keep moving. i feel like im being watched......

Monday, July 25, 2011

this is not a song

i recorded this on friday. i woke up in this abandoned building and i dont know how i got there or where ive been for the past month...the last thing i remember is having these horrible headaches and then....nothing. blackness until this weekend. its such a surreal thing to wake up and not know how you got somewhere. all my belongings were in that first room

thats my face on the laptop, by the way, but i dont remember recording a video like that either...i dont understand any of this. when i woke up i got hounded by slenderman but i havent seen him since and i found those files you can see in the video and ill post them up but none of this makes any sense not one bit at all

im so confused right now

EDIT: i mean i guess the video fucking speaks for itself or something maybe not i dont even know