Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I'm so used to spending my holidays alone on the streets.

But here in Hope I don't have to be alone and I don't have to be cold as fuck wondering if I should steal a little kid's bag of candy for my own sake to keep well fed. And for the record, I decided against it. It's just...being a Runner is some tough shit. I don't miss it, right now.

Spending time in Hope has taught me a lot, given me a lot. The other day I watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" with Lis because I haven't seen it in forever and we both used to watch it with our mom's. I dunno, we found a torrent, it was cool. Don't judge. My point is it's been so long since I've felt like I had a place to call home, and I do.

I have hope. As cheese-y as it sounds, that's the one thing I've gained above all else here in Hope.

I might just stay a bit longer than originally intended.

Peace out,

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I would rather talk about the good shit that happens around Hope than the bad shit. And last night was rather awesome. I went out and bought a guitar with some money Elaine lent me, because I figured that type of thing would be good for lightening the mood, after what happened with Mike a few days ago. I hadn't expected it to work as wonderfully as it did though, I guess. Because soon enough we were all singing along to The Beatles songs and eating a whole bunch of great food, and everyone seemed happy like some sort of merry band of travellers or something. It was really nice and I hope we have more nights like it here at Hope. It's good, for all of us I think, to feel like we have a home...

Peace out for now,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

so yeah. there was some shit that went down. its nothing serious and everyone is fine but my leg is sort of banged the fuck up. other people tell it better than me, i think.



Wednesday, October 19, 2011


its really weird. i keep jumping at strange noises only to find out its another person about as scared of me as i am of them. i keep expecting to see an agent or some government official walking through a door at any moment. i know its ridiculous but im so goddamn paranoid.

but elaine ensures me this place is protected from that sort of thing. so i trust her.

its been an odd experience living in Hope but i hope you can tell that while im here i plan on at least keeping you guys updated a little more on my situation than i did before. i know random videos and short blog posts and song lyrics dont make for much of a story, but hey. this isnt a story, no matter what you may think otherwise. but i mean...ive been doing some poking around. looking into shit. trying to work this out on my own.

i guess it is a story, afterall. my story. and things are looking up. im here and i feel safe and even though im still paranoid its slowly wearing off. im still not used to all these people though. elaine tells me itll be alright but i just cant get a handle on talking and doing normal things again. i play video games the other night with the guys here. video games.

i mean for fucks sake man, what is that? i guess its fun, its life, and i can only hope it lasts a long while.

thats all ive got for now. im going to go see what elaine is up to now, probably missing me or whatever since ive been holed up in my room all morning.

peace out,

Monday, October 17, 2011


So im making this post to let everyone know im safe, im alive, and i have arrived at Hope. its...well, i dunno. its more than what i expected it to be, i guess? im shocked that it works, honestly. it remains to be seen how long term this thing is, but we'll see how well it works. in the mean time, im going to vacation here, because hey, why the fuck not? what better way of testing the longevity of Hope than by taking an extended break here? besides, i get the impression elaine could use someone to help her run this place, so thats what im going to do...

ive got a video ill post up once im all settled in(yes elaine, im posting the video i did manage to take whether you like it or not because im a bastard like that), i just figured id update and let you guys know whats going on. hopefully...this whole thing doesnt fall apart. im looking forward to it, i fee lsafe and secure and actually goddamn happy for once.

and now i hear tell of cake, and so i shall be off.

peace out!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Texas

Heeeeeeeey Elaine. kinda in your state now. shoot me an email or a text or call me with directions and an address, I'll be needin that shit to get to Hope. Looking forward to seein ya.

Should be there in about a day, folks. thought id keep you guys updated, even if this is a short one. not much has been going on as of late, and its strangely the calm before the storm or some shit? nah i dont want to think about it like that, Hope is going to be a niiiiiiice vacation. more on that as it updates, heh

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


While im sitting here fucking emailing people and shit i mean i might as well update this damn thing right? Im better at keeping up with it than M, i swear to god!

So Im currently headed for texas, austin to be precise, and though i usually dont like giving out my location its pretty much obvious where im headed. Elaine's place seems like a safe bet right now and ive been meaning to meet up with her for a long time anyway. So i guess thats where Im going. I...Im actually pretty excited. if she can prove this thing works then by god, ill have a little Hope for once too. I think we could all use a littla that, no? i guess ill seeya all around, sorry for the infrequent updates. nothing really new to report on my end. Other than some bad dreams and shit, things have been normal...or as normal as they ever are...