Monday, July 25, 2011

this is not a song

i recorded this on friday. i woke up in this abandoned building and i dont know how i got there or where ive been for the past month...the last thing i remember is having these horrible headaches and then....nothing. blackness until this weekend. its such a surreal thing to wake up and not know how you got somewhere. all my belongings were in that first room

thats my face on the laptop, by the way, but i dont remember recording a video like that either...i dont understand any of this. when i woke up i got hounded by slenderman but i havent seen him since and i found those files you can see in the video and ill post them up but none of this makes any sense not one bit at all

im so confused right now

EDIT: i mean i guess the video fucking speaks for itself or something maybe not i dont even know


  1. Fuck, Shaun. Fuck.

    Fucking hell. That's... I'm glad you're okay. Get the fuck out of there. I... Shit.

    Be safe, Shaun

  2. Holy shit that's scary. Were you able to get the rest of your stuff after you woke up outside? Frick, are YOU alright?

    Can you post scans of the pages? It seems like it might have a lot to do with where M was kept. Just strikes me as familiar, is all.

  3. im already out, elaine. you have an email waiting for you.

    hakurei, im working on scanning the pages. there are definitely references to M in them, yeah. im doing the best that i can right now, considering the circumstances.