Sunday, September 25, 2011

Still Peoplin


If you've been kicked in or abused
or mistreated or misused
you are told there is nowhere to go but up for you.
If you've been hurt or you've been betrayed
or you've been fucked or you've been displaced!
You are told it's probably your fault, anyway.

But when your Hustler subscritions
and your Xanax prescriptions
make you feel lonelier instead!
You don't wanna be told about all those starving children.
You don't wanna be told it's all in your head!
'Cause if it's all in your heeeeead...
that's terrible.

I saw a junkie lying in a puiddle of his own blood last week.
I saw a cyclist get hit by a car.
I saw a homeless guy chug a bottle of mouthwash on Christmas Eve!
No you can never fall too far.
You can buy a salad glove.
You can buy an iPod, and you can
sell that shit to Bookman's when your wife dies and you lose your job!
You can hope it gets better.
You can follow your dreams.
But Hope is for presidents, and dreams are for people who are sleepiiiing.

My friend AARON says it best "we're all two or three bad decisions away
from becoming the ones that we fear and pity."
And Tony says "It's important to bare some witness when you can."
and that's not hard to do in the city that I live in!
You don't have it any better.
You don't have it any worse.
You're an irreplacable
human soul
with your own understanding of what it means to suffer!
And that's a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge...


aaaaaaaand im done.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


lot of things seem to be going on lately. elaine is having a shitty time of it, and M has been mostly silent for a month since James sent him that cryptic math shit. then youve got plenty going on with everyone else..i dunno what to think. i havent seen any more activity from the people tailing me in weeks. im getting worried that this is teh calm before the storm i guess...

stopped to get some food from a fast food place the other day and realized...i was finally aware of the shit around me again. i hadnt realized how out of it i was until that moment seems like i only just woke up from a fuckin nightmare. i dont know how to feel about that. sad, i guess? its my own fault mostly for being so caught up in all this bullshit but i mean what are ya gonna do? therese fuckers following me, monitoring me and i cant be sure im safe anywhere or with anyone. i need to consider cutting off communication i suppose but at the same time i dont want to risk not being able to show you all whats going on.

shit, i sound like a moron. one of those shitty mockumentary style movies where the character wont stop fucking filming for some inane reason or another. still, i havent had much to share lately, but when i do, ill post more...i guess for now things are quiet.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

last night

i saw this guy following me last night and managed to catch him on film. this is the obnly time they've slipped up so bad and im suspicious, but here it is

Monday, September 5, 2011

Diary of a Runner

i've been filming myself almost all of the time this past week or so to try and get everything i can on film for you guys. i realized it would be good for my mind to put together a little video of some of the things ive seen on my travels to remind myself that its not all bad and calm myself down as well. so without further adieu, here is my Diary of a Runner video