Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Change of appearance

just letting everyone know that i am doing considerably better than i was when i filmed that last video...things have quieted and im still being followed by the cops and still feeling followed more than ever, but ive done some things and talked to a few people and its really helped calm me down. one of those things was actually shaving my beard so that no one can recognize me. that and i bought a hat cause its too hot for a hoodie in the summer but i need something to help hide my face. hopefully it helps. i just wish i could sleep better and shake this feeling that im being watched all the time.

but then again, i am, arent i?


  1. Oh, hell. Well, I'm glad you're doing better. Be careful.

  2. nowhere to HIDE and seek games without end you will be SWALLOWED whole by your own SHADOW.