Thursday, September 22, 2011


lot of things seem to be going on lately. elaine is having a shitty time of it, and M has been mostly silent for a month since James sent him that cryptic math shit. then youve got plenty going on with everyone else..i dunno what to think. i havent seen any more activity from the people tailing me in weeks. im getting worried that this is teh calm before the storm i guess...

stopped to get some food from a fast food place the other day and realized...i was finally aware of the shit around me again. i hadnt realized how out of it i was until that moment seems like i only just woke up from a fuckin nightmare. i dont know how to feel about that. sad, i guess? its my own fault mostly for being so caught up in all this bullshit but i mean what are ya gonna do? therese fuckers following me, monitoring me and i cant be sure im safe anywhere or with anyone. i need to consider cutting off communication i suppose but at the same time i dont want to risk not being able to show you all whats going on.

shit, i sound like a moron. one of those shitty mockumentary style movies where the character wont stop fucking filming for some inane reason or another. still, i havent had much to share lately, but when i do, ill post more...i guess for now things are quiet.


  1. Just be careful, please. I'm glad things are going well, I hope they can continue going well.

  2. I'm glad somebody is still posting. All the blogs I used to follow about him have been awful quiet lately. I just hope M is ok. He was kind of a hero for all of the survivors, and seeing him go down all of the suden would be a huge shock for everybody.
    Wish you luck SR.