Thursday, December 29, 2011

~Scott's Memoirs: December 1st, 2010~

This is foR postErity's sakE


Fuck this blogging thing. I dunno what the use of it is. am I probing my own mind for other people, or are people probing my own mind for me? either way the concept is fucked and I dont need it right now. Things have been quiet even with Shaun around, though there is lots to talk about. he really likes to talk and make himself known and I'm okay with that of course. Its nice to have someone to discuss things with instead of being on my own. The peaceful quiet that has come over my whole apartment building has been eerie and maddening lately. Instead of just peace ful. The fuck ever. I opened this journal in hopes of having some record of what i and Shaun are up to. this Slenderman bullshit has got to stop, fuck that guy. I dont succumb so easy to things like this and I wont run away. All the same, it helps to have an expert around.

I guess thats it for this one.