Sunday, June 19, 2011

8 Full Hours of Sleep

and thank fucking god for that! i mean it, i don't think anything could be as good as falling asleep and not immediately waking up in a cold sweat or finding slenderfreak at the edge of my bed. no, last night i fell asleep and did not wake up, in a good way. i feel much better than i have in months, although that aint saying much. still, for me it was a step in the right direction. im trying to make this last as long as possible. and i hope i can repeat it a few more times when i settle down for sleep.

that said, i took a big risk doing what i did last night. sleeping that long is kind of dangerous with him around...not to mention i plugged my mp3 player into my laptop, set a couple of laura stevenson's albums on repeat and let myself drift off, so i couldnt have heard anything going on around me anyway...but dammit, i dont care! that bastard has taken so much from me already, the least i could let myself have is some goddamned sleep. when i think of everything that slenderman has caused and all the pain he's inflicted upon me as well as others.............

well, it pisses me off, to say the least. and im not going to stand for it. im not going to be a ghost anymore while this thing torments whats left of my sanity. i want my life back. and im gonna take it.

"There's a ghost way out on the northeast coast! And it'll break your heart, harder than I ever could..."


  1. And the sun's always rising
    In the sky somewhere,
    And if young hearts should explode
    From all the lies they've been told
    To live through one night like this...

    Thought I'd share this with you. This post's title reminded me of the song, and you seem like the kind of guy who'd be able to appreciate it.

    Good luck, Shaun.

  2. holy shit someone actually got the reference. thank god for that, hahaha!

  3. Stay vigilant... You can't afford to take risks like that. Lauren and I have a system set up where one of us sleeps for 4 hours and the other stays up. Then we alternate. It's worked pretty well so far. follow my blog, I am going to update about the comprehensive security system (all mechanical) I set up.

  4. ive been on the run so long, id rather live my life taking risks than shut myself into a corner where he cant get me. if ive gotta risk my life living it, ill do and lauren keep safe regardless.

  5. We might have to run soon... Shit's getting pretty heavy.