Saturday, June 11, 2011

Syke! Life is Awesome!

Trying my hardest to fight's not easy anymore.

I've gone five days without sleep. I'm not in my right mind and I'm hallucinating a lot. Last night he visited the hotel room I was in...Slenderman. One moment I was lying in bed, trying desperately to sleep, and the next he was there. His tentacles...god, i wish hed stop doing that...I tentacles were spread out all over the walls and the floor and the ceiling...they throbbed. They writhed in and out of existence, their edges blurry as though my vision was faulty, but the entity himself stood in the middle of it all, too tall, too straight, too thin and he was crystal's how I knew I wasn't hallucinating.

or maybe I was.

I don't know anymore. Last night's post was made during my encounter with Slenderman, when  Ithought he was going to kill me. He seems to like...playing with me, though, because he hasn't killed me yet. Maybe I should try getting back into testing, to make myself feel better... I don't try so hard to run as much to keep my head in the game, because if I don't and he gets me and he takes me back there then what will I have left? nothing my head is all I've got and without it I'm crazy crazy crazy but I'm not crazy, I swear and...

Okay. I need sleep. Now.

Also, a word on  and to the government fucks or whatever tailing me for the past few cities; if you really thought you were slick, guess again. Didn't like that little surprise I left for ya in the street, did you dude?!



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