Monday, October 17, 2011


So im making this post to let everyone know im safe, im alive, and i have arrived at Hope. its...well, i dunno. its more than what i expected it to be, i guess? im shocked that it works, honestly. it remains to be seen how long term this thing is, but we'll see how well it works. in the mean time, im going to vacation here, because hey, why the fuck not? what better way of testing the longevity of Hope than by taking an extended break here? besides, i get the impression elaine could use someone to help her run this place, so thats what im going to do...

ive got a video ill post up once im all settled in(yes elaine, im posting the video i did manage to take whether you like it or not because im a bastard like that), i just figured id update and let you guys know whats going on. hopefully...this whole thing doesnt fall apart. im looking forward to it, i fee lsafe and secure and actually goddamn happy for once.

and now i hear tell of cake, and so i shall be off.

peace out!


  1. Cool. Hope you stay safe man, with you big shots you never know...except with M. I don't care that he hasn't posted in 2 months, he's alive. M is a constant in the community, nothing can kill him. Remember that, and stay strong.

  2. M is always quiet, but ive talked to him a few times. he's holed up in bondie's house for god knows what reason, and just hasnt bothered to post....but he's fine.

  3. I'm glad you're here, and as long as you didn't actually catch me on camera, I don't care if you post it.

  4. i didnt. and this is almost as bad as that email i sent you while we were on the phone the other night, heh.

  5. get your ass to Hope, there seems to be plenty here to go around!