Tuesday, October 11, 2011


While im sitting here fucking emailing people and shit i mean i might as well update this damn thing right? Im better at keeping up with it than M, i swear to god!

So Im currently headed for texas, austin to be precise, and though i usually dont like giving out my location its pretty much obvious where im headed. Elaine's place seems like a safe bet right now and ive been meaning to meet up with her for a long time anyway. So i guess thats where Im going. I...Im actually pretty excited. if she can prove this thing works then by god, ill have a little Hope for once too. I think we could all use a littla that, no? i guess ill seeya all around, sorry for the infrequent updates. nothing really new to report on my end. Other than some bad dreams and shit, things have been normal...or as normal as they ever are...