Wednesday, October 19, 2011


its really weird. i keep jumping at strange noises only to find out its another person about as scared of me as i am of them. i keep expecting to see an agent or some government official walking through a door at any moment. i know its ridiculous but im so goddamn paranoid.

but elaine ensures me this place is protected from that sort of thing. so i trust her.

its been an odd experience living in Hope but i hope you can tell that while im here i plan on at least keeping you guys updated a little more on my situation than i did before. i know random videos and short blog posts and song lyrics dont make for much of a story, but hey. this isnt a story, no matter what you may think otherwise. but i mean...ive been doing some poking around. looking into shit. trying to work this out on my own.

i guess it is a story, afterall. my story. and things are looking up. im here and i feel safe and even though im still paranoid its slowly wearing off. im still not used to all these people though. elaine tells me itll be alright but i just cant get a handle on talking and doing normal things again. i play video games the other night with the guys here. video games.

i mean for fucks sake man, what is that? i guess its fun, its life, and i can only hope it lasts a long while.

thats all ive got for now. im going to go see what elaine is up to now, probably missing me or whatever since ive been holed up in my room all morning.

peace out,


  1. Heh. Making pancakes for people. Look at me, all domestic and shit.

  2. i know! its like your our mom or something weird as fuck like that! those were some damn good pancakes though.

  3. Hoping for the best ^ ^

    As well as I am hoping that you are
    safe there for a long time, it's good
    to see such a nice momentary peace after
    all the shit that has been going on.

    Best of luck man, And I hope You get to relax for a while.

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