Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I'm so used to spending my holidays alone on the streets.

But here in Hope I don't have to be alone and I don't have to be cold as fuck wondering if I should steal a little kid's bag of candy for my own sake to keep well fed. And for the record, I decided against it. It's just...being a Runner is some tough shit. I don't miss it, right now.

Spending time in Hope has taught me a lot, given me a lot. The other day I watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" with Lis because I haven't seen it in forever and we both used to watch it with our mom's. I dunno, we found a torrent, it was cool. Don't judge. My point is it's been so long since I've felt like I had a place to call home, and I do.

I have hope. As cheese-y as it sounds, that's the one thing I've gained above all else here in Hope.

I might just stay a bit longer than originally intended.

Peace out,


  1. Hell yeah, you stay as long as you fucking want man, I love having you here.

  2. Here's a piece of advice of you are ever on the streets for another Halloween: Go for the Holy Grails of Halloween. By that I mean the bowls of candy that people leave outside their doors and trust sugar-hyped kids to just "Take One".

  3. Happy Halloween Shaun. I should be less reclusive today huh?

  4. You totally should Tia.

    And Raggedyman, hopefuly I wont spend anymore Halloween's on the street.